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Nalutai Marathe

Birth date - 3rd September 1940.

Education- B.Com., G.D.Art, Vocal Music Training drawing exams of  J.J. school of Art.

A great visionary Nalutai was born in Gadgil family- a well known jewelry brand in Maharashtra and married to Mr.Arvind Marathe son of Govind Rao Marathe, Pioneer of Miraj Industrial Istate.She groomed herself in all sense in to the company od Mr.Arvind Rao Marathe continued with the inheritance of social work.She has appeared various drawing exams hold by J.J. School of art and also took training of vocal music from Vinayakbuva Patwardhan.

Nalutai joined Adarsh Shikshan Mandal in the year 1964. After being a part of Mandal, she started served as a Secretary of Mandal for about 6 years and become treasurer in year 1998 and continued till 2009.

Under the guidance of Ushatai and Mandatai, she took up new school projects and contributed for the infrastructural development of Killa Bhag and Dindi Ves premises/Campus. Adarsh Shikshan Mandir(Primary), Ideal English School, Semi-English School and Ideal Smart School are the milestones projects of Mandal came in existence during these years.

Infrastructural development,constructions,maintainance,finance management are structured and systemized by her in such way that she is considered to be a guide in the school management systems.Many young management student seek her advise and tranings for their projects.

A great visionary Nalutai has always sensed the futuristic needs prepare herself beforehand to bring in advanced developments in educational projects held by Mandal.

Being much ahead of time, her confident decisions have the light of the day to many ambitious projects of the Mandal.

She contributed to make the Adarsh Shikshan Mandal established as the 1st educational institutes in the city of Miraj to introduce modern educational methods.

She has been active member of Mandal for near than 40 years.

Today, At the age of 77, she still looks after all the important tasks of Mandal and gives her valuable guidance to the existing committee.

Her aesthetic and artistic interests keep herself busy in painting and nature drawing.

She also participated in many social activities of Innerwheel club, Navyug Mahila Mandal, Sangli Gymkhana.

She conducted many flower decoration and painting exhibitions.

Nalutai worked as a counseller in the management committee of Woman’s Educational Society from year 2009-2014.