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Mandatai Marathe

Education- B.A.(Maths), M.A.(Marathi), Indology(Certified Course), Gardening(Certified Course), Child Education Teacher(Certified Course), Bal Bhavan Activity Instructor Course.

Mandatai has been one of the pioneers of Adarsh Shikshan Mandal,Miraj. Being a well educated and versatile person, she is always keen about bringing new advanced educational methods in the Institute.

She has born in Pethe family at Villeparle.And got the heritage of social & educational reform from her Grand Father & Uncle.

She become a member of Adarsh Shikshan Mandal in 1963 and took a responsibility as a Treasurer and continued till 1992.This entire span of time was one of the important years in the history of Mandal development of Killabhag Campus Foundation & the development of Dindives Campus, acquisition of Killabhag playground are few examples of visionary works.

She shows immense interest in cultural, social & educational reforms in school level.

During her stay at Pune, She became a part of “Aksharnandan Shala”. She was associated with the school right from its foundation and became a volunteer and worked honorary in various student and parenting related projects.From 1986,She came in contact with Lilatai Patil and started some educational projects in association with “Shrujan Anand”.

Today at her age of ……..,she takes active part in various environmental projects for social awareness.

Her one of the ambitious project is “Zero Garbage Project”. She conducts workshops to train people to exercise zero garbage technique.

She works so hard to make her personal interest benefit to the society.

Gardening, kitchen garden, orientation programs for awareness about plantation and  preservation of various speces. Butterfly project, Waste management verony composting are some of the projects. She has initiated in the vicinity of Miraj town. Following are the programs that she conducted successfully under the banner Adarsh Shikshan Mandal.

  • Sanskar Varg for Orphans
  • Summer time hobby Classes
  • Handwriting and Calligraphy workshops for Teachers and students
  • Refresher course for montasory teachers in Sangli and Miraj
  • Child theatre movement under the direction of Sudha Karamarkar
  • A well known child theatre activist
  • Being a member of Ineerwheel club,A Miraj Vidyarthi Sangh, she conducted various workshops, orientations and exhibitions.

Mandatai has played a remarkable roll in the development of Schools under the guidance of Adarsh Shikshan Mandal.

Such an active, aware, cheerful and soft spoken personality of Mandatai is a guide and mentor for the young generation in true sense.