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Ideal English School Staff


I myself Mrs Rajashri Neharu Suryawanshi feel very proud to be the Head Mistress of the highly esteemed Ideal English School Miraj. At the same time I am quite aware of the responsibilities to be shouldered .I am quite sure that I shall be able to give my best in maintaining the reputation of the school and bringing it up to the highest pinnacle of its success.

Mrs Rajashri Suryawanshi has 28 years teaching experience. She has done BSc in Statistics, BSc in Maths, and BEd.

  • M.S.C.I.T
  • I.C.T Training
  • A.I.D.S Training
  • Computer Training for NEET at I.E.S.M
  • Guest lecture in Champaben High School,Tasgaon and Balwantrao Marathe High School,Miraj and English Medium School of Sangli Shikshan Sanstha Sangli.
  • Training of Marathi
  • Resource person for teachers whose S.S.C Board result was 0 to 10% in Kolhapur
  • Special guidance was given to std X students on Yeralawani 91.2 F.M.RADIO for Maths.
  • Award of Excellence in Teaching on the occasion of silver jubilee Alphonsa School, Miraj.


Being the Co-Ordinator of the school I shall try my best to maintain a healthy rapport among the students - parents - teachers - headmaster & management as a part of development of the institute to its highest level. I shall urge the students to cope up with revised syllabus. I want my students the most disciplined one to become the ideal citizens of tomorrow.

Mrs Dhira .S.Chakraborty has 34 years teaching experience. She has done H.S.C., DEd.

  • M.S.C.I.T
  • Smart Education camp for std II
  • New Syllabus training for std V&VI English
  • Taken students in Akashvani Sangli for childern's Day (Patriotic song)
  • Rotary Club honoured Best Teacher Award
  • 1st prize in Precise Writing awarded by educational officer

Ex-Principals of Ideal English School,Miraj

Sr. No. Name of the Principals Photos Date of the post
1 Mrs.Maina Pandurang Barve 1978-2000 (Secondary Section)
2 Mrs. Jayadevi Sukumar Chougule 1979-2010
3 Mrs . Abida Nazir Jamnawale 2011-2015 (Primary Section)
4 Mrs. Shubhada Arvind Patil 2000-2017(Secondary Section)

 Teaching Staff

1 Mrs Anita.S.Phutane MSC,BEd 21 Years 1)M.C.C Training in Nov. 1997 Kolhapur (21 days)
2)M.C.C Training 3 days Refresher course
3)ICT Training for 1week State level teacher training in science for std IX in 2011 at Satara
5)District level teacher training in science for std IX
6)State level teacher training in science for std X
7)Guest lecturer in Yeralavani Vidyalaya for std X
8)Training of maths for std VIII
9)Training of science for std X revised syllabus
10)Yoga & Pranayama Training 2days
11)Computer training for NEETat I.E.S.M
12) M.C.C Refresher training at Salgare , Malgaon.& at Miraj.
13)Training for child counselling for 1day
2 Mrs Smita .Y.Nene BSc,MEd 25 years 1)AIDS Training (8 days)
2)Environment Training for 1 week
3)Personality Development Training (2days)
4)I.C.T Training for 1 week
5)Appointed as a state level resource person in science for std IX in 2011
6)District level resource person in science for std IX in 2011
7)State level resource person in science for std X
8)Paper setter for S.S.C Board Kolhapur
9)Guest lecturer in different schools for std X
10)Special guidance to std X on Yeralavani 91.2 F.M radio for Marathi & Science
11)Training of science for std VIII
12)Training of Marathi (Revised Syllabus)std X
3 Smt Sheetal. S . Kulkarni B.A   1)Training of New Syllabus for std VIII
2)Attended Training couducted byYashada
3)C.C.E. Training for std VIII(8days)
4)C.C.E.Training for std VIII(3 days)
4 Mrs Ashwini .N.Thakur B.A. B.Ed   1)Yashada Hindi Section Training (8days)
2)Training for New Syllabus for std VIII&IX
3)Training for New Syllabus for std X Hindi
4)Training for New Syllabus at Maltidevi Patil
5)Training for New Syllabus at High School , Sangli.
5 Mrs Hema .D.Gurjar M.A.B.Ed C.C.C.O.With MS Office 10 years 1)Attended workshop &Seminars in commmunication & skills
2)Conducted Spoken Classes.
3)Worked as aAuthor of English text book for Diploma Course in 2012
4) NCTVT In Electronics
6 Mrs.Sampada .S.Kulkarni B.Com 24 years

1)New Syllabus training for std IV 1998
2)Cub-Bulbui campsfor std IV in 1991-1998
3) New Syllabus training for std V & VI 2006
4)New syllabus training for std IV 2015
5)C.C.E Training for std IV 2016
6)Base line Training English & Maths 2015
7) Best Teacher Award 1995 from Adarsh Shikshan Mandal

7 Mrs.Snehal.U.Potdar M.A.BEd 33 years 1)Personality Development held by Adarsh Shikshan Mandir
2)New Syllabus training for std V Hindi
3)New Syllabus training for std VI Hindi & Marathi
4)C.C.E.Training 2012-13,2013-14
5)Teaching grammar in deaf & dumb school
8 Mrs Smita.A.Phansalkar BSC,BEd 23 years 1)Diploma in computer science (Walchand college)
2)Primary syllabus training
3)New syllabus training for std VI 2016
4)Environmental training
5)C.C.E Training 2011-12, 2012-13
9 Mrs Namrata .C.Phadke B.Com 24 years 1)Geography training in Srujan Anand Vidyalaya (2days) 1999
2)New syllabus training for std III
3)C.C.E. Training 2011-12,2012-13
4)New syllabus training for std V 2015
5)New syllabus training for std VI Marathi 2016
10 Mrs Netra .M.Galande G.D.Art ,B.Lib 32 years 1)New syllabus training for std std V,VI Drawing / Handicraft 2015,16
2)C.C.E Trainng 2011-12, 2012-13
11 Mrs Varsha. V. Satpute M.A.,BEd 7 years 1)New syllabus training std III
2)C.C.E Trainng 2011-12, 2012-13
12 Mrs Kranti .A.Pawar BSc,B.P.Ed 8years 1)New syllabus training for std I & II
2)C.C.E Trainng 2011-12, 2012-13,2013-14 3) Certificate Course in Computer Programming
13 Mrs Madhurina. S. Khatavkar



6 years 1)New syllabus training std I & II
2)C.C.E Training 2012-13,2013-14
4)Diploma on offfice computing & BSc DMLT(Diploma in Medical Laboratory technician)
14 Mrs Bramhi.V.Patil M.A.BEd   1)MSCIT
3)Training for New Syllabus for std VI in 2016
15 Mrs Uma.S.Tamhankar B.A.BEd   1)MSCIT
16 Mr Satish .R.Tasgave B.A.,C.P.Ed 24 years

1) Rank II in 400m hurdles Maharashtra (Mini Olympic) in 1992
2)Mr Satish .R.Tasgave has been honoured the Padmabhushan Vasantdata Patil Award as the Best Sports Teacher for outdoor games in zilla Parishad 2005
3)He has been awarded Zilla Krida Puraskar as an Excellent Coach 2007
4) "Best Sports Teacher" Award for 5 districts i.e. Sangli , Kolhapur,Satara ,Solapur & Sindhudurg by Avishkar Social and Educational Foundation,Kolhapur 2013
5)He has been honoured with "Rashtriya Krida Bhushan Kitab" by Major Dhyanchand Kendriya Krida Parishad for his matchless excellence & remarkable contribution to the world of "Throwball"
6) Avishkar Social & Educational Foundation Kolhapur honoured him with "Gunvant Krida Prashikshak" (Congress Sevadal ) 2014
7) Krida Bhushan (Gunvant Prashikshak) Pailwan Vyankappa Burud Krida Puraskar 2015
8) Rashtriya Krida Bhushan Puraskar 2016

Non-Teaching Staff

Sr. No. Name Education
1 Smt.Bidnur Manisha Mohan

B.Com, Typing English 30 speed, Telephone Operator, MSCIT, MTTC

Experience - 20years

2 Mrs Priya Dattadigambar Parshetti


Experience - 3 years


Peon Staff

Sr. No. Name Details Photo
1 Shri. Sangita Dipak Ingale Qualification 10th | Experience;- 8years
2 Mrs. Lata Mahadev Gavali Qualification : 10th | Experience : 13years
3 Mrs. Pushpa Maruti Shinde Qualification : 9th | Experience:12 years
4 Shri .Dagadu Mira Lokhande -
5 Mrs.Sulochana Ashok Sarger Qualification : 9th | Experience : 18years
6 Mrs Shobha Tanaji Bhosale Qualification : 9th Experience : 18years