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img “Adarsh Shikshan Mandal” is a recognized society and public Trust, registered under The Bombay Public Trust Act 1950 Vide Registration No. F45 (Satara south) and under The Societies Registration Act 1960 vide Registration No. Bom./79/8 S.T.R..

The age old history of this Institute dates back to year 1952, when few courageous women took the initiative to start a Marathi School considering the educational problems in the vicinity. The school started as pre-primary school and was named as “Adarsh Shikshan Mandir” (herein referred to as ‘School’). In the initial period teachers, staff took all the possible efforts to bring the children into school. The efforts showed its result when in the year 1962, school started the Primary School i.e. from 01st standard to 04th standard. This is the first school started and managed by women in Miraj.

As the student strength was increasing day by day, school was in dire need of land; that time, a generous donor and promoter of education, late Shri. Bandopant Deval donated his land in the Fort Area, Miraj to School. And on that land construction of one storey building of School took place in the year 1973.

With the consistent results and due attention to every student, School earned its good-will in the nearby area. The demand from parents was ever increasing for starting the higher Primary Education. School took the initiative and started 5th standard to 7th standard batches since 1990 to 1992. Thereafter the standards were extended to 10th.

During the course of journey since 1952, School was witnessing the trend of parents in switching over from Marathi Medium to English Medium. Considering the scenario, School started its English Medium Division in the year 1978 as it started K. G. batch. This division progressed batch by batch and in the year 1991, the first batch of 10th standard appeared for Board Examination. School purchased a land in the Dindi Ves Area, Miraj for this English medium and constructed a building. Thereafter this division was named as “Ideal English School” (herein after referred as ‘IESM’).

Under the management of Adarsh Shikshan Mandal, Miraj, Trust runs :

1. Adarsh Shikshan Mandir - Marathi medium for primary and Semi- English for secondary.

2. Ideal English School – English medium from pre-school to secondary

3. Ideal Smart School – Smart School from pre-school to primary

Vision :

Ours is a school, which is vibrant in every sense of word. There are several activities and the students experience situations outside the classroom, which emulate life. Our vision is to make students happy and enjoy coming to school. Their opinion matters and they have an integral role to play in their own education.



Our mission is to create schooling pattern where learning means more than just reading and writing. As every student matters, each venture is a challenge and the process is essential as outcome . Our mission is to create a generation with traditional values and culture but having a modern and global vision.


Value proposition :

Focusing all round development of a child with technical excellence, to make our children the best fit global citizen at a reasonable cost.